Early Models

Those original .22 single actions are now known to collectors as “Flat-Tops” since the top of the frame, instead of having a hog-wallow rear sight configuration as found on original Colts, was milled off flat and fitted with a square-notch rear sight in a dovetail for windage adjustments. Then came the Super Single-Six with fully adjustable sights as well as an auxiliary .22 Magnum cylinder.

By 1972 all Ruger single actions, including Blackhawks, were changed from the original Three-Screw action design to a New Model version all held together with two pins. Even though Bill Ruger had improved the action of the old original sixguns they were still only safe to carry with the hammer down on an empty chamber. The advance of the New Model with its transfer bar safety resulted in single- action sixguns, which were safe to carry fully loaded for the first time since 1873.

The .22 Super Single-Six became an even greater option for outdoorsmen as it also has been offered in stainless steel since the 1970s, and this, finally, brings us right up to today with the newest stainless steel Super Single-Six offered by Ruger.