The Vudoo Gun Works Möbius 1911

Where Old School Meets the Cutting Edge

Every aspect of the Möbius 1911 is crafted for maximum
performance in the real world. It really is a beautiful gun.

The Möbius 1911 from Vudoo Gun Works is a triumph of Information Age manufacturing technology. Using John Moses Browning’s century-old classic combat pistol as a foundation, the skunkworks at Vudoo Gun Works have unleashed the absolute state of the art in modern manufacturing to produce a 1911 that is without peer. Featuring a slide/frame interface that is simply to die for, along with literally all the bells and whistles, the Möbius 1911 is the refined combat tool for the gunman serious about his craft.

The Möbius 1911 is offered in a wide variety of finishes with scads of available options. The sundry details of triggers, safeties, rails and sights are the spaces where dreams most vigorously thrive. You order your Möbius 1911 like you were selecting a bespoke supercar. The end result is ballistic perfection.

The Vudoo Gun Works Möbius 1911 is a radically unconventional
bespoke combat pistol. The technique the Vudoo mob uses to
build this thing is simply fascinating.

Art Is Where You Find It

Michelangelo’s David is arguably the most iconic piece of sculpture ever crafted by human hands. Everything about that thing is awesome. When viewed straight on, the hands and head look unnaturally enormous. However, when seen from the bottom, like any normal spectator might, the proportions project an intentional strength and dynamicism. That guy was a legit genius.

How did Michelangelo conjure such a remarkable work of art back in the 16th century before computers and complex machines? Well, he started out with a big chunk of marble and then just removed everything that wasn’t David. Folks make guns essentially the same way today.

To build a 1911 frame, you typically start with a forged billet and remove everything that isn’t a 1911 frame. However, this is innately stressful. Cutting down into a big block of steel inevitably introduces micro stresses that can adversely affect tolerances. Tiny though they may be, these were the minute details targeted by the Vudoo mob.

To attain utter mechanical purity, Vudoo Gun Works builds its frames in two halves. Instead of plowing down into a mass of steel with long cutting tools, they use short, more precise tooling to remove material from the sides. Then, they take these two mirrored frame halves, secure them rigidly in a jig, and join them using an electronic beam welder.

Electronic beam welding produces narrow heat dispersion and complete penetration. This computerized machine ensures unparalleled precision, and the end result is like a single piece of steel. In destructive testing, the Vudoo guys find that the surrounding material fails long before the weld does. The resulting product, though unique to the industry, brings an unnatural degree of perfection to the slide/frame interface.

The billet-cut trigger can be solid or skeletonized.

The Vudoo Gun Works custom hammer is both skeletonized and cool.

The optics base is flared for an exceptionally stable foundation.


Vudoo makes most everything in-house. Their custom trigger is particularly fascinating. You can choose solid versus skeletonized cut from billet stainless. The end result is an absolutely perfect ignition experience.

Finishes include raw stainless, black Melonite, or some holy combination. Cerakote in a litany of colors is on the menu as well. Grip options run the gamut from wood to aluminum to indestructible synthetic. Iron sights follow the Novak protocol. You can opt to have the slide cut to accommodate either a Leupold DeltaPoint Pro or Trijicon RMR footprint.

Vudoo Gun Works approaches its slide cuts a bit differently from most. Their optics cut slide features a unique flared foundation for maximum stability. The DPP or RMR cuts do not require an adaptor plate. This design lowers the optic axis as close as possible to the bore and optimizes accuracy.

If you are using the gun for home or vehicle defense and want to mount up accessories, the defense frame with rail is your bag. There is ample space for lights and lasers, and holster options are available. Thusly configured, you Möbius 1911 is a high-speed, low-drag, all-weather, day-or-night defensive machine.

Do your part and you can expect single jagged holes at reasonable
close combat ranges. The Möbius 1911 is an amazing performer on the range.


Our test gun is Melonite-finished and delivered sans iron sights. In their place there is a Leupold DeltaPoint Pro. Once you take its measure, nothing is faster or more intuitive.

The Möbius 1911 is offered in 9mm, .22LR and .45ACP. While a steel-framed 1911 in either .22 rimfire or Georg Luger’s timeless defensive cartridge is undeniably dreamy on the range, the argument could be made the .45 ACP is the more serious option. John Moses Browning designed the gun around this big manly cartridge from the outset and the Möbius 1911 manages all that power both comfortably and well.

We all know the origin story. Old JMB was tasked to conjure a pistol cartridge to service the drug-addled lunatics American troops encountered during the Moro Uprising in the Philippines. While his European counterparts seemed satisfied with a compact cartridge pushing a 115-grain full metal jacket bullet, Browning simply doubled it. In few other spaces will you find a more unfiltered example of what it means to be an American.

Like most serious students of history, I had long assumed the utter and complete destruction of Dresden, the capital of the German state of Saxony, in mid-February 1945 to have been the result of a coordinated strategic bombing attack by both the U.S. Army, Air Force and the RAF. At the end of those three horrible days, the city of Dresden was a burned-out shell, and some 30,000 people had been incinerated. Apparently, I had mistakenly attributed such breathtaking destruction to the work of hundreds of Allied heavy bombers. My friend and boss, Tom McHale, recently schooled me on my flawed understanding of the details.

Tom claims the whole heavy bomber story was but a ruse to protect the Allies’ real secret war-winning weapon. He told me he has it on reliable information that the destruction of Dresden stemmed in reality from a single .45ACP ball round loosed by a bored B24 waist gunner who just happened to be passing by from another mission. This nameless aircrewman purportedly saw the sprawling German metropolis passing below and vented his frustrations with his service pistol before returning to base in England. Tom informed me the resulting impact of that single .45ACP round leveled the city. While Tom might have exaggerated ever so slightly, that is one manly pistol cartridge.

Competition, recreation, service, or personal defense, the
Vudoo Gun Works Möbius 1911 is quality you can bet your life on.

Trigger Time

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Your initial affection for a 1911 always begins with the first time you cycle the slide. The glide of the slide across the frame on the Möbius 1911 is, no kidding, almost supernatural. It feels frictionless. In a world where little things become big things and perfection is the goal, the Möbius 1911 raises the bar.

My copy runs like a fire-belching sewing machine. Naturally there were no failures and the gun is a precision instrument at typical defensive ranges. Do your part, and you can expect single ragged holes out to 15 meters and beyond. I would wax eloquent on the details, but, honestly, the Möbius 1911 really does shoot markedly better than do I.

Just be forewarned; this thing will absolutely ruin you to lesser pistols. Run a couple of boxes through the Möbius 1911, and your favorite plastic gun will just seem so plebeian by comparison. Tough, cool, and breathtakingly smooth, the Möbius 1911 is pure mechanical perfection.

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