It Keeps Running

When the original EDC X9 was introduced, I couldn’t wait to acquire one. Little did I know it was a “gateway” purchase and I became addicted to it quickly. To date I’ve shot the gun during two Gunsite classes, a Dave Spaulding class, a Clint Smith/Robbie Leatham class, a Jerry Miculek class, a Steve Hendricks class, the annual GAS match and have shot at least 3,000 rounds during practice sessions.

I’ve had a total of two failures-to-feed. One was caused by loading a cartridge backwards in the magazine while not paying attention to what I was doing. The EDC actually fed the cartridge into the chamber base first! Of course, the slide wouldn’t go into battery, but the gun sure tried its best to make it happen! The second failure to feed happened at Gunsite when we were dropping our magazines from our gun onto the deck while speed reloading from our magazine pouch. After repeating this 15 to 20 times, enough sand got into the magazine the follower stuck and would not feed a cartridge. A quick tap and wipe-down with a rag had the magazine running like new. Both failures were operator error/neglect. Bottom line is the EDC X9 is extremely reliable.