Bond Arms Adds
Rowdy XL In .410/.45 Colt


New for 2023, the Bond Arms Rowdy XL features a bigger size, a more user-friendly design, and all the power one could ask for in a double-barrel handgun.

Made from sturdy construction and given an uplift, the Rowdy XL is sure to perform and deliver in both high-stress environments and on the range. Chambered in .410/.45 Colt, it’s a suitable companion pistol or stand-alone defense tool.

The 3.5-inch barrel has been beefed up compared to the original Rowdy, without sacrificing accuracy. The overall finish is muted slightly to both reduce glare and save on production costs. Savings that are then passed onto users as evidenced by the $349 MSRP price tag.

The most drastic change in the overall design is the addition of a B6 grip —  a plumper grip for more hand contact and an extended grip placement for full finger placement. Its rubberized construction mitigates recoil.

As with most of the offerings from Bond Arms, the barrel on the Rowdy XL has two chambers — one above and one below. Bond ensures the shooter knows they’re ready to shoot with a reliable 7 lb trigger pull, yet protected by the integrated trigger guard.


• Model: DE50SSB

• Caliber: .45LC/.410

• Barrel Length: 3.5 inches

• Overall Length: 5.75 inches

• Weight: 22 ounces

• Sights: Fixed

• Capacity: 2 rounds

• Action: Single Action

• Trigger Pull: 7 lbs.

• Trigger Guard: Yes

• MSRP: $349.00

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