Uberti 1873 Hunter
Revolver Series


The Old West meets the modern hunting woods with a new line of 1873 Hunter six-shot revolvers from Uberti USA. Chambered in .45 LC and .44 Magnum, the 1873 Hunter series is based on the classically styled Uberti 1873 Cattleman single-action revolver series. The key difference is these revolvers feature top-mounted Picatinny rails for easy scope or electronic optic integration, making it an ideal option for SSA enthusiasts who wish to hunt medium- and large-size game with the proven cartridges but aren’t comfortable doing so with the traditional iron sight configuration.

With the inclusion of the Picatinny rail, shooters can now add modern optics to this American heritage revolver and enjoy point-of-aim, point-of-impact performance at typical hunting distances. The rail is suitable for mounting either a long eye relief low-power handgun scope or a compact red dot optic. The red dot option is also the perfect choice for recreational shooters whose eyes struggle with open sights, making the 1873 Hunter Revolvers as suitable for a day at the range as a day in the hunting fields.

Both 1873 Hunter Revolvers come with a 7.5-inch blued barrel, fluteless cylinder, classical color case frame, and an elegant walnut grip. They also feature the longer Uberti 1860-style grip to better accommodate the shooter’s hand while wearing gloves. Each boasts a six-round capacity and a comfortable MSRP of $799.

MSRP: $799


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