Slow To Market

What surprises me is Colt was so slow in adapting their new sixgun to the pistol-size WCFs. Perhaps it was because in its early years of manufacture Colt’s factory was busy getting the new revolvers into the U.S. Army’s hands. Regardless, by my research, the soon-to-become world famous SAA was introduced in 1873, yet it took nearly five years for the .44 WCF to be a caliber choice. The same was true with the .38 WCF. Winchester added it as a ’73 option in 1879: not 1874, as often mistakenly written. Colt didn’t bring out SAAs for it till 1884. Naturally the .32-20 came last with Winchester adding it in 1882 and Colt in 1887. (These dates of introduction are taken from several sources. Other sources may vary.)