Bruce Warren

Bruce of BC Armory says his is a shop “Specializing in 1911-style autos, S&W revolvers and Glock pistols for competition and/or concealed carry. If you compete in bowling pin shooting, IPSC, IDPA, ICORE, IPSA, GSSP, steel challenge or American Handgunner-type matches and require a space gun, race gun, open class, limited class or a tactical weapon with the utmost in reliability for concealed carry, you can rely on the BC Armory to build the weapon you need to compete.”

In receiving the test gun from Bruce my first reaction was “Wow! This is really 21st century stuff.” Built on a 10-shot S&W Model 617, Bruce’s creation makes my 30-year-old blued 10-shot Model 17 look positively stodgy. Diamond Dot pegged it years ago when we were involved in Cowboy Action Shooting when she said “Even if I don’t shoot very well, I want to look good.” Warren’s .22 not only shoots well, but it also looks great.

Bruce sponsors a family of shooters, one of whom “… is a very good revolver shooter.” They were discussing building a lightweight .22 for him to use in steel challenge matches. In the past Warren

has lightened barrels on S&W sixguns, however this time his goal was something even lighter and especially distinctive, and he has succeeded.