This is another old-line company started by Guy Hogue 50 years ago. I almost feel I grew up with Hogue Grips as I have been using them for over 40 years. Way back when Ruger and S&W decided to start producing semi-automatic pistols, I found Hogue was the place to go to find custom grips for them. This is now a second-generation company and Guy’s sons, Aaron and Patrick, have greatly expanded the company and its products to include such things as knives and overmolded rubber rifle stocks.

As time has passed my hands have become more tender and they are certainly not anywhere near as strong as they used to be, and finger groove grips really help. Hogue offers finger groove grips of rubber, really nice exotic woods and synthetic materials. The rubber finger groove grips are really a lifesaver for me when shooting heavier loads. They provide security and the rubber helps cushion felt recoil. My latest acquisition, the new Colt Python Stainless Steel .357 Magnum has now been fitted with Hogue rubber finger groove grips. These not only add to the weather beating quality of the stainless-steel finish, they make .357 Magnum loads much more comfortable to shoot. Hogue’s grips fit very securely to double action revolvers by slipping on the grip frame and then fastened to a provided stirrup on the bottom of the grip frame.