Noblesse Oblige

Dog is not a particularly large animal, and she is by her nature docile. However, never threaten her tribe. She once got into a tussle with a larger hound, resulting in an infection I had to drain. Throughout it all she never bit or scratched.

She once cut her foot grievously on a piece of glass. I seriously thought she was going to bleed out. I numbed her up and sewed her quivering paw back together with some 4-0 Vicryl. She didn’t snap at me then either.

She never chased cars, but she always played lead dog up our labyrinthine driveway. A moment’s distraction on her part was all it took. A cast on her fractured leg along with the cone of shame had her on the mend. She was also once bitten in the face by a water moccasin but was not terribly inconvenienced.

At 13 years of age she is completely deaf. Tens of thousands of rounds will do that. However, she never could bring herself to be anywhere we weren’t even when it was loud.