The Build Begins

The barrel, cylinder and internals were all fine. I removed the barrel from the frame with a Brownells’ action wrench preventing “springing” the frame while unscrewing the barrel. My son Nick cut the stock barrel from 4" to just over 2". The short barrel was then chucked in my lathe for truing and crowning to 2".

Cutting the trigger guard was easy, but the hump where the guard meets the frame in front of the cylinder needed lots of work. Some photos I saw left a slight hump. I wanted it to look like it never existed so I jigged the frame up rigidly in the mill and cut as much of the hump as I could. Then I went at smoothing with files and sand paper to the point you would never know it existed. The ejector rod was cut and rethreaded for the end cap, something “Fitz” did not usually do but it looks odd without the cap.

Fitz reused the original front sight. I didn’t like the half circle look of the Colt so I managed to get Ted Yost to make me a 1" square blank with a gold inlay I could shape into a front sight. To set the sight in the barrel I cut a 1/8" keyway on top, allowing the new sight to sit in place while silver soldering. Once I got the proper sight height for a 25-foot zero I shaped the front edges and serrated 50 LPI with a checkering file. Bobbing the hammer was straightforward, just grind off the spur and reshape.