What’d I learn? I learned these guns ran fine. Since both were essentially brand new, I let about 150 rounds go through each to get things smoothed out some. I had a couple of failures to completely close the slide on the .45, but the Super ran, um ... super. At 25 yards over a solid rest, the .45 averaged around the 3" to 4" mark, but if I took the two worst shots from most groups, I think it’d go 2.5" pretty regularly depending upon the ammo. The slide closure thing seemed to sort itself out. I’m thinking a slightly stronger recoil spring might help, regardless.

The .38 Super was great fun. Lots of blast and blammo and some snap to it, but those silvery sights were a challenge and glinted and danced in the sun. But after using a Sharpie to blacken them, I got a best group of about 2.75" solid without taking out the two bad ones. The gun ran just fine, but I made it a point to use good ammo and keep a firm firing grip.

I plan on doing more shooting — and enjoying — these simple, functional autos. I’ll do trigger jobs on both and possibly tweak a thing or two, then report back.
But excuse me, I need to make sure my white straw cowboy hat still fits.

Hasta luego mis amigos!

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