guns vs. no guns

It was never really about gun “control”

Are you old enough to remember times before the great gun debate? Americans understood guns, kids wore six-shooters, you bought caps in candy stores (we had candy stores back then). People took guns for granted and political parties didn’t battle over endless gun-control blather. It was cops and robbers back then, remember?

Today, the D and R parties (Democrats and Republicans) are in a constant struggle over so-called “gun control,” and surprisingly, the C party (Communists) are not even in the picture, though they really are — at least in communist China, and Russia, Cuba, Venezuela and across South America, Africa and scattered around the globe. In fact, the Cs, way hidden in so-called “news,” can’t remain so hidden any longer, because they’ve taken over our prescription drugs (this you know because of the Wuhan plague,) our lost manufacturing base, and … wait for it … the sad fact 1.2 billion Chinese communist subjects (they’re not citizens) are gunless and under threat of execution from their armed Chicom masters.

It’s not about guns vs. gun control any longer, as American “news” sources frame it. It’s about guns vs. no guns, as the C party runs it. The C party along with the D party are philosophically allied here. You’d see this truth on nightly broadcasts if they were newsworthy. Some “officials” are in both parties at the same time. Look closely to see the dots connect.

The “news” actually presents it, almost despite themselves, but with so much window dressing it’s admittedly hard to see. One candidate for president (for president!) ran as a “democratic socialist” with policies and philosophies straight out of Stalinist Russia and Karl Marx. But we don’t even have to go there. Just look at the official platform of the D party supporting him, cheering him on wildly. Look at the policies of the D party reflected explicitly in writing in the platform they stand for in the gun bill they’re proposing to enforce against us. No shame, no secret, it’s there on the government server (HR 5717). What? The so-called “news” media isn’t screaming about it every night?

Guns are okay as long as they don’t work. I know this sounds absurd and impossible, but there it is. Again. It’s the exact policy the D party had in our nation’s capital until the famous Heller case at the U.S. Supreme Court overturned it in 2008 — by a single vote. You could have a gun, at home only, if you could get one (nearly impossible in practicality), as long as it was unloaded and locked up. Mr. Heller’s private gun was okay (he was a federal security guard) while inoperable. If he was criminally attacked at home, while the attack was on, he could unlock and load it (a Harrington & Richardson nine-shot .22 caliber revolver). Making it functional otherwise was criminal. I’m not making this up. It’s why we won the case. By one vote.

The D party has re-created the bill with one change. If it passes, it covers the entire nation, not just the District of Columbia. Don’t take my word for it. Read HR 5717. Don’t wait for reporters to read it to you. They won’t. They never do. Folks, it’s guns vs. no guns, just like the Communists. Just read the table of contents — you’ll freak out. Democrats don’t even want accountability — the plan is to assign lockups to bureaucrats you don’t vote for, can’t name and can’t see. Hoplophobic “consumer products safety experts,” not constitutionally guaranteed elected property guardians will do the dirty work.

“News” media keeps parroting they just want to ban what they call “assault rifles.” The written bill proposes banning virtually all guns with a magazine and a grip. Yes, any “characteristic that can function as a grip.” How did reporters miss this? How did you? You know it’s how Communists work.

It’s the guns-versus-no-guns struggle. You should know the Communist Party of America and the Socialist Party of America (almost the same thing except for minor policy differences and battles among leadership) hold regular meetings, in public, with modest fanfare. You should also know members of the D party give speeches there, attend the meetings, share friends and the media doesn’t play this up for obvious reasons. Well, you do know Bernie is proud of it, thinks communist Cuba is a cool place (media touched on that), and took his honeymoon in communist Russia. I did say look, and the dots connect.

Now the D party wants to change how we vote — one man 10 votes — in Congress by proxy, and publicly by mail. Blame it on the communist propagated Wuhan Flu. Remember Comrade Stalin’s playbook: It doesn’t matter who votes, it matters who counts votes. You should definitely vote because an overwhelming vote is harder to hide. And do cling to your guns and Bibles.

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