it’s not about
the background check.
It’s about profiling



Before we get to the meat of this, we have to look at the elephant in the room — the beast everyone is ignoring. Under these new federal laws (HR8 free-transfers banned, HR127 total ban with psych test and fee, HR1446 10-day delay minimum), and all the others the Biden clique is introducing (63 federal gun laws pending!), they exclude themselves. It’s right there in plain English in the beginning. The laws do not apply to federal agents, law enforcement officers, or security guards — basically, any “officials.” New laws only apply to you peons, Joe Q. Public, the deplorables.

This is the very definition of tyranny: Gun laws for thee but not for me. Mass media and even our own gun-rights groups have overlooked and ignored it, because it is so standard. Of course, it doesn’t apply to them. Why would they need to be checked out before they can have guns? Cops, FBI, CIA, DHS, ICE, narcs, they’re all honest and clean, passed scrutiny to be on the team. Trust us! Hmmm.

The Excuse Doesn’t Work

The crime-fighting excuse Biden’s team offers doesn’t even make sense. The people behind this push for new, more controlling gun-possession bills — popularized as enhanced background-check bills — have not thought this through. We all want to end crime, stop killers and reduce the use of firearms in acts of violence. Will these bills do it? Not even in dreams.

Countless armed villains (however you define this) are already out there, committing armed crimes (supposedly) inspiring the proposals. If you think back, the “enhanced background check” was originally the rallying cry to stop psychotic children from mass murdering their classmates. That argument has left the building.

The Democrats’ new bill, HR1446 doesn’t affect children — they can’t buy guns at retail anyway — it leaves them alone, just as it leaves armed criminals armed. Villains can’t have anything to do with guns right now under all the strict laws in place, but they’re armed, anyway. This new check can only theoretically stop new criminals from getting their first gun, if they try to do this at retail, assuming they’re bad enough to already be on the prohibited list.

One recent murderous psychotic did just that — cleared the check, got his first gun, and went on a killing spree. The check was meaningless. Checks do nothing whatsoever about all the armed misfits in society creating the havoc you see on the nightly news. How many newbies do you suppose are looking for a career in crime and need to buy their first gun in a shop? However, the bill will turn you into a felon if you give a gun to a friend, with or without payment. Freedom extinguished. Giving a gun to anyone for a crime has always been and remains criminal.

What’s the price tag on this national plan? Reporters, typically fixated on cost, are mum, like their government handlers. Proposals include tracking every single piece of hardware, its current owner and its current location in your home (you read that right, in HR127). This is going to stop criminals, how, exactly? The bill lacks a crime-fighting component. It places heavy burdens on you as a member of the public. It doesn’t affect criminals who are already totally banned.

Is It Just a Smokescreen?

Mandatory psychological evaluation of you and everyone around you (you read that right again) is the big ticket, with a more sinister effect (if not pre-planned goal). Just look at communist China to see how this works.

In that brutal dictatorship, where gun possession means the state can execute you on the spot, your social status and literal ability to work or go shopping depends on your psych score. The communists compile this from ubiquitous cameras recording the population, your work record, your use of the web, everything they can put into the mix. With a low score, forget about good housing and any kind of economic advancement. Government here wants databases of everyone. Guns are just the startup excuse. It’s collecting everyone’s psych profile — and even suggesting it, that matters.

Mr. Biden doesn’t appear to be the architect of these plans — anything this clever and complex is cooked up by teams of savvy activists. Their names are known, but they operate in darkness. He likely couldn’t tell you what’s in the bill — heck, journalists don’t know. Half the gun-rights community hasn’t seen how sinister this is. They’re worked up about an $800 yearly fee the Attorney General collects in the red-herring bill from one weird Congresswoman with no co-sponsors. Meh.
It’s collecting the psych profiles — even the suggestion of it, with guns as grounds — that matters.

Award-winning author Alan Korwin has written 14 books, 10 of them on gun law, and has advocated for gun rights for nearly three decades. See his work or reach him at

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