Sit down for this one and listen hard: The election results don’t matter quite as much in the big scheme of things as the three major power blocs seeking control of our country, and for what they stand. They go by the name of “parties,” and they party plenty, but they’re all about power and they’re deadly serious. Win, lose or draw, they do not go away. Elections give them temporary big power levers with lasting effects, but they all continue to eat the jumbo shrimp.

Only one party embraces the idea of an armed populace to balance out the power we the people invest in this thing we call government. It is not the communists.

Communists, who now rule one-third of the world’s people and have their eyes (weapons, satellites and armies) set on us — do not allow their subjects to have guns. They’re a dictatorship. Whether it’s the bigger ones like communist China or Russia, or the little squirts like Cuba, North Korea or the other also-rans and socialists, they know full well what would happen if their people could get their hands on guns. They would all be shot. That’s the way it is with brutal armed dictators.

No one doubts the communist Chinese oppressors want to take over America and are working on it night and day. They have said so, have infiltrated our institutions, manipulated our culture, technologically assaulted our industries, created economic dependencies and flooded us with clap-trap and mind games. They are not allies. And they have no Constitution or Bill of Rights or anything like it. Under their rule, their people live in servitude. In case anyone has forgotten what communism is like, get caught with a gun over there. You’ll get executed. You basically can’t “leave.”

Only one party embraces the idea of an armed populace to balance out the power we the people invest in this thing we call government. It is not the Democrats.

Democrats have a bill in Congress right now, in both houses, to effectively outlaw every privately held gun in the nation. Type HR5717 into a search engine and read the first few lines yourself. Without a federal license they issue as they see fit, guns are illegal — no guns for anyone. The license requires a psych test, a test of your moral character, a determination of your personal relative safety to the community, and any other factors they decide to include after they pass the bill. A national red-flag, sort of “brown shirt” provision turns every citizen into a snitch who can send swat teams to any neighbor for raids without warrants and property confiscations — anonymously and without evidence.

Like we saw during the city riots in the summer of 2020, where mayors leashed their police forces and released what few perpetrators were detained without bail or meaningful recognizance, using your Second Amendment right is now upside down. Defend yourself, or even display arms, and you become the focal point of the Injustice Department.

HR5717 even brings back exactly what the U.S. Supreme Court’s Heller case overturned as outrageous. Under the Democrats, if you could have a gun at home, it must be unloaded, locked up and can only be unlocked and loaded while you are being assaulted in your home. Otherwise, it would be a crime to possess.

No, Democrats do not support an armed public for all the reasons you want a public armed. The Founders understood the problem, and the solution. Modern politicians have no idea. Make that the wrong idea. For them, guns are only good as long as they don’t work. We can’t even bring these malfeasants to court, let alone find the time and spirit for armed revolt.

While the abomination of HR5717 sits in both houses, the nominally constitutional woke Republican party parties and campaigns instead of protecting gun rights. They show no spine or taste for our issue. Marksmanship safety in schools? Fuggedaboutit! They count on having enough votes to block the bad legislation from moving, so they don’t act to eradicate it on constitutional grounds. It is blatant infringement and at the least it violates ethics and the oath of office. Would they let stand, without comment or counterproposal, a bill that proposes to remove math education from a select group because you need it to make bombs, or English because it facilitates speech and uprisings? Wouldn’t someone stand up and object then?

JPFO recently released this good message for us all: “Only force keeps freedom in your hearth and home — away from ‘officials,’ adversaries, mobs — seeking to take it. Common wisdom says, ‘You can’t arm slaves and expect them to stay slaves.’ It works the other way too — disarming free people enslaves them. Communists sure know it.
Citizens still recommend … Cling to your guns and Bibles.”

Alan Korwin’s website features plain-English books on state and federal gun laws for the public, and more common sense like you just read. He invites you to write to him or see his work at, where you can get books and DVDs that help keep you safe.

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