A Silly Idea?

“But it only has six shots!” You’re right. I carry two HKS speedloaders when I carry it, just like the old days. But those can be six extremely accurate pie-plate-at-100-yards shots, and a factory 240 SWC or Barnes HP at about 1,000 fps or so will have the final word just about anywhere.

So — is it archaic? Maybe. An antique asked to do a modern job? I think not. Am I silly to say a good man behind the trigger of a big-bore revolver isn’t under-gunned? Is a seasoned shooter with plenty of practice and street sense actually well-prepared with this set-up?

I think the answer is yes — if you abide by the rules. Get to know the gun, train to use it, understand the limits and be realistic on ammo selection — then it can be a solid option for defense. As Clint Smith is fond of saying, “It’s a big gun going into the holster, and a big gun coming back out.” It gets attention.

Is it the best or even a good set-up for most people? I don’t think so. Is it big, heavy and can it be awkward? Absolutely. Do you need to practice with it a lot, and is it expensive to do that? Yup.

And I doubt I’d carry it in the hot summer months. But still …

As a “winter” gun, or if your spidey-sense is tingling for some reason — I think you’d have “enough gun” at-hand.

Maybe Harry had the right idea after all. Let the letter writing begin.

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