Equalizing Things

Another fairly common situation is to have both eyes about equal, with neither strongly dominant. One eye is always going to be the master eye but sometimes there isn’t a great deal of difference. I tend to fall in this category and although I see the sights with my right eye I also get a fairly good image of the left side of the gun with the left eye.

At one time I had unconsciously developed the habit of half-closing the left eye to increase the dominance of the right eye. I didn’t realize it until I saw some photos from downrange. A better solution is to put a strip of transparent tape across the lens of the non-dominant eye (the left, for me). Over time the master eye tends to become more dominant, at least in my experience.

Most shooters wear tinted glasses while shooting outdoors. I had to go back a decade or more in my files to find photos of top shooters wearing clear or lightly tinted glasses so the eyes could be seen. It was a bit of a nostalgia trip!