Over the years S&W added several variants on the Model 29 such as the stainless-steel Model 629, the heavy underlugged Classics, and the very lightweight Model 329PD. The latter makes a great packin’ pistol, however I use .44 Magnum loads in it very sparingly, preferring to use it as a .44 Special. In the late 1980s S&W, after receiving numerous complaints over the years about the Model 29 cylinder unlocking and rotating backwards when fired, I instituted the Endurance Package that solved this problem. Over the years I’ve fired dozens of S&W pre-Endurance Package .44 Magnums, however the only two that exhibited this problem was one of their 101/2" Silhouette Models and a 6" Model 629. The Model 29 was dropped in the 1990s, however, for the 50th Anniversary celebration a special version was brought back and still remains cataloged.