High Shooting

That original Bearcat shot about 3" high for me, and one old “A” version I now have does the same thing. However some previous owner had filed down the sight somewhat. A later steel-framed Bearcat we have also shoots high for me, although not quite so much. A friend recently purchased one of the current stainless steel Bearcats for his wife and when shooting this I find it shoots low, so a little work with a file would bring it right to point a aim for me.

It’s a fascinating little pocket pistol and I’ve always been curious as to why Ruger did not add adjustable sights when it went to the Super version, as they had with their Super Single-Six. There are several custom sixgunsmiths who do offer adjustable sighted conversions on the Bearcat.

There’s also a long list of custom sixgunsmiths who do all sorts of caliber conversions on the full-size Ruger Blackhawks, with everything from .256 Winchester and .32-20, all the way up to the .500 Linebaugh. I also have a Single-Six which John Gallagher has converted to a 5-shot .41 Special, which makes an excellent little big-bore pistol. But what can be done with the Bearcat? Is it actually possible to convert this little .22 to larger calibers? Enter Alan Harton of Single Action Service.