Why is Caniglia Case Important?

Caniglia is important for a couple of reasons.

First, this is a win for the Fourth Amendment because it reinforces the notion police simply cannot conduct searches and seizures without a warrant in such cases, especially, as alleged, after agreeing with a homeowner they wouldn’t do it. The Constitution protects us from this, and a unanimous ruling in a case involving firearms, from a typically divided Court on Second Amendment issues, is a shot across the bow.

Second, this case does protect Caniglia’s gun rights because the subject of the 2015 search and seizure was firearms. Had it been a stash of marijuana the cops seized, for the sake of argument, it is conceivable the ruling would have gotten much wider attention from the media. But this case really is about guns, and the gun owner won.

Take my word for it, this case is going to be discussed — albeit quietly because of the Second Amendment implications — for a long time.