It’s been easy for me to look at some trends in the world of handguns and decide which were just flashes in the pan, and which were going to last. Once or twice, I’ve even been right! Someone recently asked me about the 9mm 1911 “fad” and I found myself explaining the differences between a fad, a trend and a movement.

Those 9mm 1911’s have become increasingly popular recently, and for good reasons. Lower cost, lighter recoil and even lighter weight (9 rounds of .45 ACP is two full ounces heavier than 11 rounds of 9mm). Having had the chance to build a few for my customers, I’d also say they bring a new level of fun to shooters who may find it altogether easier to shoot than the same gun in .45.

As the popularity of the platform continues to grow, more manufacturers are offering 9mm 1911’s in a variety of configurations. Competition is fairly intense as the makers try to increase market share. We’ve all heard the saying “Racing improves the breed” and it’s true here too. Guns improve as the various quirks and problems of the 9mm 1911 are addressed.