The Ruse and Fall of Gun Controllers


Because those of us on the right side think logically and in straight lines, relying on facts, we fool ourselves into believing that’s how everyone thinks. We proceed headlong in verbal defense of our rights to arms — without actually using arms to defend the rights. It’s as if we believe argument and debate will win the day. Free speech, the First Amendment, had led us to this new model, debate, instead of the classic approach, destroy. For most of human history, people relied on the latter model.

Our adversaries on the opposite side do not think logically or with facts, especially about arms. They act out emotionally and behave irrationally. Facts only confuse them.

Driven by fear, confusion, misinformation, blindly ignorant never having touched let alone fired a gun, they are massively influenced by the great de-educator, TV. They have a medical condition, hoplophobia, a fear of weapons, not a political one. They suffer from mass formation, the technical term for mass psychosis.

In fact, guns are the foundation of a stable, free society. Without guns—and action at a distance that firearms provide — politics and life is about raw power and has been throughout human history. The hordes rode into town, raped, pillaged and plundered, and life was nasty, brutish and short (thank Thomas Hobbes for being so succinct).

Assault Is A Behavior

When my associates and I started our Guns Save Lives lawsuit in 2011 and then won this First Amendment case against Phoenix, our Guns Save Lives bus stop ads could go back up all over town. We were excited! City officials had torn them down at night because they didn’t like the message. We promoted free-market training. Officials literally manifested gun fear (hoplophobia) to the point of violating our most revered values in attempts to quash free expression. Guns do save lives and stop crime, far more often statistically than criminals use firearms to murder or commit crimes. Every serious study on the matter confirms this.

The so-called “news media” failed to say much about our case or the reality of gun use. Journalists refuse to cover virtually anything about the good side of guns. When did you ever see the media talk about getting a gun for yourself, or learning how to use one, or even self-defense? Sixty million American homes are safely armed, 100 million Americans own firearms, and the media basically censors the topic. They no longer even pretend to be neutral or unbiased. The prejudice is overwhelming and now widely recognized — objectivity has been abandoned as a standard (Washington Post, 1/30/23; Wall Street Journal, 2/1/23).

Editors want you talking about so-called assault weapons. Assault is a kind of behavior, it is not a kind of hardware. That’s why they couldn’t define it in Feinstein’s 100-page bill. Assault is also outlawed at every level. The Heritage Foundation notes, based on extensive research, that armed homicide is carried out by a small number of well-identified people and groups. Police know this. They know who. Mess media also knows it, but publicizing the fact has racial focal points, so they avoid it to perpetuate myths and avoid stereotypes.

Wants Needs

Mess media still asks why anyone needs an AR-15 or 30-round magazines. What kind of reporters are these? Years later, they still don’t know?

First, it’s not about need — that’s the communist model — where someone decides and is in charge of what you need, telling you what you can have. Shoes, food, fuel, heating … doled out by “officials.”

The question is, really, why would anyone want an AR-15 or 30-round magazine? That’s easy because millions of Americans obviously want and have them. Why? For the same reasons police do! And these so-called reporters still don’t know. It’s for safety. And protection. You and your neighbors are the true first responders. Authorities are typically backup when they act (if dark-side politics don’t impede them). Criminals act when police aren’t present.

More ammo is safer. Running dry when the need is high can make you die. And because AR-15s work so well — they’re reliable, easy to maintain, accurate, customizable and American-made — of course, people want them, the same as authorities do.

And now we’re at the heart of the matter because so-called “news” media people have become among the greatest threats to American freedom we face. They lie, deceive, slant and keep hard facts from you — with a smile, makeup and good hair.

The Bradys claim we’ve stopped two million criminals from getting guns — and we have their names and addresses on signed forms. Where are they? Why do we still have 7,000 murders in inner cities every year? And few arrests?

It’s the perpetual ruse of gun control. It’s not about guns, it’s about control.

Award-winning author, writer, consultant and musician Alan Korwin has written 14 books, 10 of them on gun law, and has advocated for gun rights for more than three decades. Now writing his 15th book, Why Science May Be Wrong, see his work or reach him at

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