Charge Origins

Where did Great Western get their 16.0 grain powder charge? Remember, this was 1954. Doing a little research in my collection of Lyman Reloading Manuals, I found the 1958 Handbook of Cast Bullets edition listed the 150-grain Thompson HPGC (Hollow Point Gas Check) over 16.0 grains of #2400 for a muzzle velocity of 1,617 fps. This same load is also listed in the 1955 Ideal Handbook #40. They also list 15.5 grains for the 158-grain Thompson GC for 1,538 fps. So, did they get this load from Great Western? Not so fast. We find this load also listed in Ideal Handbook #39 which was published in 1953, one year before Great Western opened their doors. So, the superhot load from Great Western was actually a standard maximum loading found in a reloading handbook before Great Western arrived. Lyman currently lists the 16.0 grain load with the 158-grain GC bullet in the Pistol and Revolver Handgun, but only for use in the Thompson/Center Contender.