Roosevelt’s Gun

One of my all time heroes is Theodore Roosevelt. When his wife and mother both died on the same day, Theodore ran off. That is, he gave his newborn daughter to his sister and he took off. He went to the Dakota Territory, probably to lose himself, and instead found himself. Without his time as a rancher he probably never would’ve become the man he was destined to be. While ranching in the Dakotas TR carried a highly engraved, ivory stocked Colt Single Action, 71/2" barrel chambered in .44 WCF.

Today, Cimarron offers a replica of this famous Colt, complete with ivory-style grips. Mine is in .45 Colt with plain ivories instead of the normal carved stocks. I did make one change to it, toning down the extreme whiteness of the stocks by applying brown leather dye and then wiping it off with a rag, giving it an antique look.

This gun is a shooter, and “replica” ammunition performs exceptionally well. I use the Black Hills 230 .45 Schofield and their 250 .45 Colt as well as HSM’s 250 .45 Colt. They all clock out over 700 fps making them very pleasant shooting, and all group five shots at 20 yards right at 1". With a 255-gr. bullet loaded in .45 Colt cases over 5.5 grains of Red Dot, muzzle velocity is a very respectable 800 fps and loads group well under 1". One thing I’ve noticed about Cimarron’s replicas over the years is how well they shoot.