Pre-War Looks

To enhance accuracy the forcing cone is re-cut to 11 degrees to help accuracy. To optimize the shoot-ability of this Colt, the standard rear sight was replaced with the time-honored Elliason adjustable rear sight which, by the way, now comes standard on current production New Frontiers. The Eliason sight improves the rear sight picture by displaying a flat rear blade. To make it even more user-friendly, the corners are radiused, and the blade is serrated to match the serrations on the ramp front sight.

This Royal Colt was also cosmetically and ergonomically enhanced by reaching back to refinements found on 1st Generation Colts. Things like re-fluting the cylinder with wider, deeper flutes, beveling the front edges of the cylinder and ejector tube do a single action de-horning to help eliminate excessive holster wear, and actually give the New Frontier a pre-War look. These and other features are included in the Peacemaker Specialist Cowboy Shooters 1880s package.