50 Years Goes By

Which brings us neatly to the new Wrangler. When I first saw it the matte finish reminded me of my old gun, and at that $250 price I knew I had to have one. Interestingly enough, it’s only the second Ruger “Single Six” style .22 I’ve ever had, as my original always seemed to take care of the jobs at-hand. I was curious to see — did 50 years make a difference in the classic design?

My original has a silky smooth action from use and those four distinctive “clicks” when you cock it. You need to go to “half-cock” to load and unload it. The Wrangler has the new action, so you merely open the gate and the cylinder turns freely either way. Handy to get the ejector rod aligned and to load it.

The action on the Wrangler was rough and much harder to cock. Over the past couple of months it’s smoothed up some but still takes a lot more effort to cock the hammer. It’s got a hammer-forged steel barrel, Cerakote finish (black, silver and my sort of bronze color), cast aluminum frame, steel unfluted cylinder, zinc alloy grip frame and excellent feeling plastic grips.