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Face Books…The Real Story

[…] and her dad with her first moose shot with a Kimber 7mm Magnum. Memories … Whenever I visit my daughter […]

Recoil And Discomfort

[…] An exception is the pistol on the top right, a Kimber Solo 9mm. Directly below it with wooden grips is […]

American Handgunner Photo Gallery 2011

[…] .45-70 May/June 2011: Heirloom Precision Excellence Defined 1911 July/August 2011: Kimber’s Solo Carry 9mm September/October 2011: FNP-45 .45 ACP Auto […]


[…] it actually works exactly as advertised. I often carry a Kimber Solo and this makes summertime pocket-carry easy. Gun goes […]

American Handgunner Special Edition

[…] GIANT 180-page edition. Sixguns 101: Taffin Takes Us To School. Kimber’s Magic Formula: Quality, Value And Innovation. Vintage Revolvers 1911 […]