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After 40 years of teaching, with over 30 spent running a school, the most common questions I get regard range exercises. And many of those involve our “100-round” handgun exercise we developed a few years ago. Go to and you’ll find the details posted on the homepage under a training icon to save you time trying to track it down.

But, because of these continuing requests, I’m going fishing of sorts with all of you. If you have a set of drills you shoot regularly send them to Editor Roy ([email protected]) or send them to [email protected]. Explain the goal your drills are geared for, and tell me the details on how to do the drills. I’ll be glad, actually grateful, to shoot the drills you send, evaluate them and offer any suggestions to change or improve them. After we shoot your drills, we’ll credit you and pass them on to Handgunner readers. We’ll share, like my Mom used to say.

You’ll want to consider those shooting your drills will have a wide range of personal skills and equipment, so consider the bigger picture of how you are helping others train. You can “outsmart” us all by having an 18-round string of fire because your Glock can manage that, and you’ll “show those 1911 guys!” So keep in mind, could you shoot your drill with all the handguns you own? If the drill is for a type of handgun — like backup guns — then say so. That will help people know what you are trying to address.

We’ll post the reader-generated drills in my column as a sidebar. We’ll also stick to handgun courses, but keep in mind many handgun courses can be fired with the AR platform. The difference is mostly about backstops and targets and such.
By Clint Smith

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