Retro Photo: GLOCK’s Prediction


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GLOCK ad, American Handgunner Mar/Apr 1990

GLOCK’s Prediction

Just two years after the introduction of second-generation GLOCK 17s to the U.S. market and less than a decade since the handgun was first developed, GLOCK was already claiming dominance over firearm manufacturers and outdated steel-frame technology.

“While other companies were improving upon the technology of the past, GLOCK was busy perfecting the technology needed for the 21st Century.”

Today, while all-metal handguns are still being produced in large numbers, polymer-frame semi-autos — and GLOCK themself — have become the industry standard. Some would argue modern polymer options from SIG SAUER, Smith & Wesson and others are better, but there’s no denying the accuracy of GLOCK’s foresight in regard to materials and the firearm market some 30 years ago.

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