Lee Precision Challenger III Press

Fastest Single-Stage Press Anywhere!

Celebrate 40 years of Lee Precision’s Challenger Single-Stage Press!

The third-generation Challenger features everything that made the Challenger the world’s bestselling single-station press. Plus, they’ve added an ergonomically formed lever, allowing even more comfortable operation with no more stooping at the bottom of the stroke. Spent primers fall through the ram and collect in a convenient tube, keeping dirt and grime off the frame and ram and your workspace clean.

Best of all, it includes the Breech Lock Quick Change die system, which allows you to change dies instantly with a twist of the wrist … and you never have to re-adjust your die.

Take advantage of the 40th Anniversary Challenger Pack, which includes a FREE set of Breech Lock Reloading Die set. Available in:
• 9mm Luger
• .38 Special | .357 Magnum
• .44 Special | .44 Magnum
• .45 ACP
• .223 Remington

Learn more at LeePrecision.com.

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