value and versatility defined

Mark prefers appendix carry for his SIG P365 and finds the Remora stays put.
The padding makes it extremely comfortable.

If you carry concealed, it’s likely you’ve got more than one gun and multiple holsters in order to have multiple carry options. If, however, you’d like to find one holster to do the duty of multiple holsters, there’s at least one up to the task(s). The aptly named 2-IN-1 Clip/No Clip IWB/Pocket Holster by Remora Holsters does the job of at least four holsters. Retailing for $45.95 — watch for sales too — it’s a great value. Ironically, I use it almost exclusively as a simple IWB. Still, it gets called on a lot for everyday concealed carry of a SIG SAUER P365.

The 2-IN-1 Clip/No Clip refers to the steel belt clip. It’s a typical belt holster clip, but attaches to the holster via a heavy-duty snap. You can snap it on and off as needed, and when it’s on it’ll freely swivel 360 degrees. It’s a great feature for wearing the holster in multiple locations inside your waistband. I like it at 4 o’clock (classic strong side for me) and 1 o’clock (appendix). But I can wear it at 10 o’clock (cross draw), too. At 4, I cant it forward just a bit. At 1, it’s a straight drop. At 10, I cant it back just a bit. And because the holster material is a grabby, rubbery type material, it stays secure in all locations.

Remora’s versatile holster allows IWB, appendix, strong side, cross-draw, etc.
due to the removeable pocket clip and grabby holster material.


The IWB/Pocket refers to the fact you can wear it IWB or use it as a pocket holster. Generally you leave the belt clip on for IWB carry — but you don’t have to. The holster material is so sticky it’ll sit securely IWB held in place by a combination of your skin or a T-shirt and your pants and your gun belt. With the clip removed the holster doubles as a pocket holster, although this depends on what gun you’re carrying. The P365 is a small gun but it’s no pocket gun — at least not my pockets. Cargo pockets, possibly. But cargo pockets aren’t in my rotation of street garb. But as a pocket holster, the holster material again contributes to a terrific carry experience. You’ll push and fuss to get the holster seated in your pocket; but once it’s there, it stays, riding upright and remaining in place on a draw.

But the versatility really shines when you want to change up your carry mode throughout the day. I can carry the SIG SAUER P365 in at least three IWB locations — good for a variety of carry situations. When driving my car I like appendix and cross draw. When I am upright and out and about, I like strong side. All possible with the clip attached or not. If I want to switch to pocket carry, which is a reasonable possibility in colder weather and I’m wearing the right jacket, I can just pop the clip off and store it in another pocket until needed later. Then the Remora goes into my jacket pocket where it’s easy to access when I’m outside. Also, when the clip is off, the Remora can be tucked inside my waistband for ambidextrous access.

Remora holsters are made in the USA using tough, waterproof materials.
Look for a host of other options like mag pouches, Kydex products, fishing
plier cases and even a bra holster!

Tough And Comfortable

Available for dozens of gun makes and models, Remora also offers fits for various light/laser accessories. The exterior color comes in black, pink punch, white and yellow punch and the interior lining comes in black, black plush, digital cameo, pink, pink camo, purple and woodland camo. An “Artemis” cut — a lower profile cut offering a better master grip and sweat shield — is also available. Finally, you can get a magnetized version to activate your light/laser accessory upon drawing, if so equipped. Remora holsters can also accommodate RMRs.

Hand manufactured in the USA, Remora holsters are stitched using marine-grade thread. I’ve been carrying the SIG SAUER P365 in this Remora for months and the holster shows not one sign of wear or tear. In fact, neither do I. The outer rubbery material does a good job of sticking in place but causing no discoloration or wear on my clothes. It’s nicely padded with no harsh edges, and I’m surprised at how well it fits and feels in all the IWB locations I carry it. Even at 1 o’clock and sitting, where the holster pushes right into my thigh, I can feel the bulk, but it’s never uncomfortable.

And 1 o’clock (appendix) is where I carry this holster 99.9 percent of the time. I keep the steel clip snapped in place and just drop the holster in place when I’m heading out. An untucked shirt, sweater or jacket is all I need to hide the Remora and it offers up enough of the P365 stocks to afford a decently fast draw. It’s value and versatility defined.

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