Close Look At: Lights & Lasers


One Million Lumens! Okay, Not Really

When “tactical” lights first came out we all thought 50 lumens was mind-blowing and couldn’t imagine needing more. Ditto for lasers — “They fit on a gun and only cost $4,000? Wow!” Not the good old days, in retrospect. Today, everything is brighter, smaller, more powerful and way cheaper. But okay, maybe no one million lumen lights — cue Dr. Evil.

The Streamlight Microstream is the perfect pocket mini-rechargeable LED light. It’s got two modes, selected with a tail switch. The low runs 3.5 hours at 50 lumens; the high does 1.5 hours at 250 lumens. The anodized aluminum body is scratch and water resistant and comes in different colors, with a multi-directional clip. Tiny but handy.

The Fenix TK16 delivers 1,000 lumens with a “throw” of 787 feet. There’s a tail cap switch and a strike face bezel too. The TK19 is designed with an aluminum slip-resistant body and the intelligent memory circuit automatically enters the last brightness used. And that’s smart.

The TX9R rechargeable flashlight from COAST is an all-in-one long-range focusing optic. It lights up close areas with a crisp broad view flood beam, then transitions to the X-Range spot beam reaching to 2,240 feet! Move between spot and flood with the slide of a button. The TX9R is powered by alkaline batteries, or with the included li-ion pack. Practical.

The Trijicon RMR Type 2 sight is the newer version of the RMR. The Type 2 boasts more durability and a button lock-out mode prevents accidental adjustments. It’s parallax-free for superior accuracy and the audible windage and elevation adjustments are tool-free. The RMR Type 2 is compatible with all existing RMR mounts and optics-ready pistols.

The Uncle Mike’s Spyros holster system is a “one-holster-fits-most” design. This high-grade glass-filled hip holster is made ambidextrous by a reversible clip, and it fits over 200 semi autos — and comes with a 150-lumen light. This lightweight holster is designed to ride comfortably on your hip no matter what side you carry on — or what gun you choose to carry.

The Pelican 7070R flashlight delivers durability and can be paired with blue tooth technology. Personalize up to five switch sequences, varying light levels and/or flashing modes, all from your phone! The wireless charging capability means it has an IPX8 submersible rating. The 7070R boasts 1,219 blinding lumens and durable polymer construction. Now I’ve seen everything!

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