Gunnysack: Tenicor Sagax Lux2 Light AIWB Holster


As part of my year-long experiment with appendix carry, I met the folks at Tenicor Holsters. I’d been itching to equip the Staccato C2 9mm carry gun with a compact Streamlight TLR-7A light, and a quick inquiry led me to the Sagax Lux2 model.

There are many AIWB holsters on the market; here’s why this one is special. Many AIWB users add a foam pad to the inside surface of the holster body to shift the muzzle forward, drive the top of the gun flush against the torso and create a more comfortable fit. The Tenicor holsters have this “wedge” built-in. Check!

The dual low-profile metal clips are adjustable for ride height and cant angle and feature an aggressive underhook for belt anchoring. It’s not slipping out. Three camming bar options allow you to adjust how the pistol butt is angled to the body.

The end result? I can carry a mid-size, 16+1 capacity pistol with a weapon light comfortably and invisibly under a T-shirt. Well done.

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