The second gun is a tired 6.5" Ruger 3-screw Flattop in need of some serious sprucing up. Its pipe is ported the Mag-na-port way after being chopped to 4", along with the ejector rod housing. Its front sight receives a See-More orange insert, milled into the original front sight blade for faster target acquisition and contrast, while the whole works gets the “high-luster” bluing with the aluminum frame blacked.

This conversion will be referred to as “Skeeterito” by me, as I have a 7.5" Ruger FT “Skeeter” gun and a 5" FT I call “Little Skeet.” My Skelton clan is now complete by Ken’s handiwork.

Both guns will serve a multitude of purposes as back-up pieces while hunting, every day carry and just loafing in the woods during the off season.