10 Most-Purchased Guns By Women

The Well Armed Woman 2022 Survey Results

Photo by Serena Juchnowski

We know women are among the fastest-growing demographics of gun owners, but what guns are they buying? According to The Well Armed Woman’s annual survey, which helps guide and educate the firearms industry about women’s needs and preferences, the following are the top 10 guns women bought in 2022. Keep in mind, the survey indicates what guns were purchased in the past year, but does not reflect what their intended use was.

The Ruger SR22. Photo by Serena Juchnowski

10. Kimber Micro 9

9. Ruger SR22

The ergonomic black polymer grip didn’t leave my hands marked with indentations and the black anodized aluminum slide was just heavy enough for gravity to pull the muzzle towards the ground. Though it arrived with interchangeable rubberized grips for varied palm swell options, I never felt a need to change it. To quote Goldilocks, it felt “just right.” — Serena Juchnowski


7. A three-way tie between the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9, Walther PDP F-Series and SIG SAUER P238


6.  Springfield Armory Hellcat

5. GLOCK 19X

4. GLOCK 43X

3. Smith & Wesson M&P Shield .380 EZ

2. Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm EZ


SIG P365

The Well Armed Woman founder Carrie Lightfoot also shared insight into this year’s survey results, noting that even though a few well-known brands didn’t have a gun appear in the top 10, they are making inroads with new models that are becoming increasingly popular among women.

“Even though there were no revolvers in the top 15. They were present in the data, mind you, such as the S&W 642, S&W Bodyguard, and the Ruger LCR,” wrote Lightfoot.

Guns to watch according to Lightfoot — The Taurus G Series and the Walther PDP F-Series.

“Had I combined all [Taurus] G models, it would have placed in the Top 10,” she added.

For more on the survey results, including demographics and top carry locations for women, visit thewellarmedwoman.com.