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Ruger’s Time Machine

[…] recessed, allowing use of a speed loader, during hasty reloading. Sights are as they should be on a pocket-pistol — […]

The Snake Strikes Again!

[…] still had their Official Police which when fitted with adjustable sights and target grips was known as the Officers Model. […]

Who Wants A 3-Wheeled Car?

[…] to try out, specifically some Black Hills 125-gr. HoneyBadger and SIG SAUER 124-gr. V-Crown JHP. The range was sunny and […]

Who Are We?

[…] percent Taurus, 14 percent Springfield, 13 percent Colt, 10 percent SIG SAUER, 9 percent Beretta, 7 percent Browning and 7 […]

Coonan .45 ACP “MOT”

[…] construction with the classic .45 1911 look. The three-dot Novak-style sights are fully adjustable and the low riding rear sight […]

A Betta’ Beretta

[…] you start pressing a bit sooner, as soon as the sights are on target as you press the gun forward […]

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