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When “9mm” Isn’t 9mm

[…] Intended for practical shooting competition, the 9×23 combined the rimless design, strong case head and extraction groove of the 9×19 […]

In Praise Of The Stock Trigger

[…] sensations of a “bad” trigger may have arisen because other design criteria were simply more important. I’ll be the first […]

The Knocabout Revisited:

[…] barrel open. The grip angle felt great and the fixed sights (on the barrel) were close to point of aim. […]

Buying Your First Handgun?

[…] understanding of what’s available and the primary purpose of each design. Some handguns are designed for target practice, others for […]

Documenting Your Gun Collection

[…] New Model Blackhawk revolver in .357 Maximum, a new caliber designed primarily for hunters and long-range steel plate competition. I […]

Firearms Commonality

[…] to have a single handgun suitable for uniform wear, plainclothes assignments and off-duty carry. It worked out reasonably well. Yeah, […]

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