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Coonan .45 ACP “MOT”

[…] construction with the classic .45 1911 look. The three-dot Novak-style sights are fully adjustable and the low riding rear sight […]

Who Are We?

[…] percent Taurus, 14 percent Springfield, 13 percent Colt, 10 percent SIG SAUER, 9 percent Beretta, 7 percent Browning and 7 […]

Obey The Law!

[…] self-defense law at the FBI’s National Academy at Quantico, the SIG SAUER Academy, an NRA Certified Instructor, an IDPA Charter/Life […]

A Success Story

[…] qualify regularly with it. Popular choices include Glock, S&W M&P, SIG and occasionally a Beretta or HK. The department allows […]

Carry ‘Em With Six!

[…] loads. Both of these are easy fixes. Filing the front sight will bring the elevation up to point of aim […]

Feeding The Forty-Five

[…] in Colt’s 1900 catalog as the first US-made autoloader, its signal feature a slide mated to the frame by rails. […]

Caliber Choice:

[…] for the Indiana State Police. The contract has not been signed at this writing, but by the time you read […]

Shoulder Stuff

[…] bent over to pick it up — THUMP! — Her SIG slipped out of her shoulder rig and hit the […]

Cimarron’s .45 Colt Sixguns

[…] in the United States and the hammer is also short-stroked. Sights are the traditional single action style, however they are […]

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