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Ruger’s Top 10

[…] are only three things needed to improve it: Those original sights are tiny, the grip safety bites me on the […]


[…] sizes, Ruger’s SP101 and 22/45RP, Springfield’s EMP, Kimber’s Micro 9, SIG’s P238, Desert Eagle (check out my Insider in this […]

Smorgasbord Training

[…] can see his stunned reaction to the recoil of the SIG P226 .40. The jury understood, as did the judge, […]

DA Semi-Autos

[…] good. We all have our favorites and mine is the SIG-SAUER P220 series. Not only are these high-quality and accurate […]

Is The .40 S&W Dead?

Agood example of duplicating something already extant is the .357 SIG; a bottlenecked case using a 0.355″ jacketed bullet of […]

Taurus G3 T.O.R.O.

[…] shooters! Guns are more accurate, many are less expensive, and we have a plethora of aftermarket sights from which to choose.

The Smith & Wesson Shield Goes PC

[…] firearm with a lighter trigger-pull and shorter reset. Tritium night sights are now an option. Encased in white circular buffers, […]

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