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Handloading Season

[…] Magnum, a box worth of .45 Colt empties, some .30-06 Springfield and some empty .41 Magnum casings waiting for the […]

A .30 Luger Barrel-Swap

[…] if they could make a barrel for my 9mm 1911 Springfield Armory chambered in .30 Luger, also known as the […]

Just the Facts Ma’am

[…] clones. Stocks from a FEG fit and those from a Springfield SA 35. It may require experimenting, but finding the […]

Extracting Fired Cases

[…] the chamber. Coil spring-loaded extractors, such as those used in Springfield XDM models, GLOCKs, M&Ps and others, are unique in […]

A Budget Friendly Carry Optic

[…] number of optics-ready pistols, including the GLOCK MOS, S&W’s C.O.R.E., Springfield Armory’s OSP, Beretta APX RDO, Walther Arms Q4/A5/PDP, CZ […]

To Cops, From Dave Lauck

[…] autos that won’t succumb to that — the shorter barrel Springfield Armory XD, for example, or the little S&W CSX […]

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