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Bacon-Wrapped Apple Pie?

[…] ability, the little knife performs far above its size. The Beretta 71 .22 LR, shown here with the 6″ barrel, […]

.22LR Conversion Units

[…] pistols, the Browning High Power, and some models of the Beretta/Taurus and Glock line. SIG-Sauer offers a conversion unit to […]

The Service Target Handgun

[…] stainless Model 67, until the adoption of the fixed sight Beretta 92’s in the late 1980’s and the segue into […]

Shell Shock Technologies

[…] in my old Ruger P85 up to 1,120+ in a Beretta Stainless Steel 92FS and Citadel 1911. All loads were […]

“It’s a Blow- Back Auto”

[…] fired cases extract and eject without needing a mechanical extractor. Beretta has made blowback semiautos with no extractor at all; […]

SAAMI 90 Years and Counting

[…] with Brownells, Inc. and Technical Support Manager/Senior Technical Advisor with Beretta USA. In 2011, he was appointed the Director of […]

Striker Vs. Hammer Which Wins?

[…] further complication there are variations of both basic designs. My Beretta 92D for example, has a hammer but no hammer […]

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