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On Tiger’s Team

I appreciated Clayton Walker’s mention of the Beretta “Cheetah” line in his article (“Non-Rimfire Fun-Guns”). My EDC is a Cheetah, […]

Trigger Nometry

[…] no slack and no stacking. My hammer-fired semi-automatics are mostly Beretta and Sig Sauer, and I have no complaint with […]

How Accurate Is ‘Accurate’

[…] 2″ at 50 yards. Among duty pistols I’ve always found Beretta 92 and SIG P220 series pistols gave exceptional accuracy, […]

Looking Like A Million Bucks

FN, SIG SAUER, Beretta and others with hardcore tactical models rarely extend beyond some flavor of FDE, but consumer-oriented handguns […]

The Home Defense Rig

[…] hand free to unlatch the puppy-gate. He unconsciously tucked his Beretta 92 into the comfy, worn-out elastic waistband of his […]

Funnybone Fractures

[…] M-65 (field jacket), skipping along between cheerleaders, still holding a Beretta 92 in one hand. Skipping!” Rasta-man didn’t get away, […]