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What Do We Carry?

[…] to stay current. This past year, primaries have included Wilson/ Beretta 92 Compact, SIG P320 and P229R Legion, HK P30SK, […]

A Budget Friendly Carry Optic

[…] pistols, including the GLOCK MOS, S&W’s C.O.R.E., Springfield Armory’s OSP, Beretta APX RDO, Walther Arms Q4/A5/PDP, CZ P10 F/C, Taurus […]

Better Than I Knew

[…] and adopted by CZ75 contemporaries like the S&W 59 and Beretta 92. Even before the ’75, CZ was no stranger […]

Go To The Light!

[…] currently have a Crimson Trace CMR-205 mounted on my wife’s Beretta Px4 as a home-defense weapon. Its 100-lumen output is […]

Your Gun Speaks…

[…] it came to those asking about the viability of the Beretta 92, S&W “Third Gen” autos, or even H&K’s USP […]

Bottle Rockets

[…] followed by barrels for Browning Hi-Powers, then CZ and S&W, Beretta, SIG, GLOCK, XDs and more. Fast-forward over 40 years, […]

Bacon-Wrapped Apple Pie?

[…] ability, the little knife performs far above its size. The Beretta 71 .22 LR, shown here with the 6″ barrel, […]

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