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The Sixguns Of Cimarron

Colt dropped the single action from production prior to World War II and announced it would never be produced again.

Colt .45s">

Colt .45s

[…] to the days when America had two major handgun manufacturers: Colt and Smith & Wesson. Now consider this when speaking […]

Civilian Vs. Military

[…] to their horse-mounted troops, then called Dragoons. The first was a Colt’s cap and ball sixgun commonly known as the Walker.

The First Gunfighter’s Sixgun

[…] and legend didn’t begin until 1850. That was when Samuel Colt introduced his first “Belt Pistol” meaning one practical for […]


The .45 Colt

[…] Handgunner’s pages by writing I didn’t particularly like the .45 Colt as a smokeless powder cartridge. And I still don’t. […]

Tall, But True, Tales

[…] Fitzgerald became interested in firearms at an early age — especially Colt revolvers, which he became adept at working on. By […]