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Slow Uncles

[…] my faithful Kahr K9 and its little back-up, an Interarms Walther PPK. Now, I carry both the Taurus and the […]

Micro Welding

Walther P-38 with a cracked slide, the crack micro welded and the final finish work by Pullman Arms, bringing […]

SIG Sauer’s M17

[…] an appropriate replacement. FN, HK, Beretta, Colt, S&W, Star and Walther came to the party. Beretta walked away with the […]

Heizer’s PK045

The PK045 weighs an empty 28 oz. A Walther PPK/S .380 weighs about 24 oz. for comparison. Overall length is […]

Handguns For Dinosaurs?

[…] me much but I certainly knew the difference between the Walther PP series or Colt Gold Cups from ordinary Government […]

Ruger 9

[…] Compact is 6.52″ long and 4.35″ high. It’s 1.02″ wide and weighs 21.9 oz. Less than a Walther PPKS for comparison.

EAA’S MC1911SC Ultimate

[…] keeps the weight at 1.6 lbs., or call it about Walther PPK weight. I’m not the young stud I once […]

Leaning Left…

[…] Browning and Colt pocket automatics, Colt Woodsman, Browning High Power, Walther PP and P38 series among many others. Fortunately several […]