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Handguns Of WWII, Part 1

[…] as their sidearm. That was in 1938, when the famous Walther P38 was adopted. That said, Lugers stayed in service […]

Handguns Of World War 2

[…] Luger, Germany’s most recognized World War II handgun was the Walther-designed P38. It’s credited as being the first military pistol […]

The CZ Shadow 2 OR

[…] cartridge based upon the novel annular gas system of the Walther MKb 42(W) wartime German assault rifle. The Vz58 was […]

The Max-9

[…] oz., the MAX-9 weighs about 6 oz. less than a Walther PPKS, and, oddly enough, one ounce less than an […]

Korth Ranger .357 Magnum

[…] barrel shroud revealing the cold hammer forged and polished Lothar Walther barrel through precision window cuts. The shroud and frame, […]

Bullseye Shooting?

[…] Top-line .22 match pistols from Benelli, Hammerli, Pardini, S&W and Walther are magnificent tools and priced to match. You can […]

Historically Significant:

[…] 9mm. Introduced in 1954 after the obvious inspiration of the Walther P38s that came home from WWII, the slim single-stack […]