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The Hidden Upside Of A Crisis

[…] perplexed because he couldn’t load 9mm Parabellum cartridges in a Walther .380 pistol. A friend who works at a gun […]

The CZ-USA BREN 2 Ms Pistol

[…] vz.58 employs a tilting lock action not philosophically unlike the Walther P.38 pistol. The gun is also striker-fired, eschewing a […]

Handguns For Dinosaurs?

[…] me much but I certainly knew the difference between the Walther PP series or Colt Gold Cups from ordinary Government […]

Heizer’s PK045

The PK045 weighs an empty 28 oz. A Walther PPK/S .380 weighs about 24 oz. for comparison. Overall length is […]

Start ’Em Out Right

[…] excessive recoil. I remember the first time I shot my Walther PPK, a pre-war 7.65mm. I took my usual high […]

Sub-Caliber Sense

So you have a quality centerfire handgun for personal defense. Should you have a .22-caliber version as well?