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Old West Pistol Power

[…] too. A 71 grain FMJ .32 Auto bullet from a Walther PP severely dented the seventh board. A 180 grain […]

The CZ Shadow 2 OR

[…] cartridge based upon the novel annular gas system of the Walther MKb 42(W) wartime German assault rifle. The Vz58 was […]

Pronunciation Woez

[…] SAAMI: Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute or “Sammy” Hoppe’s: Hop-ease Walther: Val (rhymes with pal) ter Star: Estar Llama: Eyamma

Bullseye Shooting?

[…] Top-line .22 match pistols from Benelli, Hammerli, Pardini, S&W and Walther are magnificent tools and priced to match. You can […]

News From SHOT Show 2024

[…] choices, which almost always contain lots of steel or aluminum. Walther is making big moves into metal with variants in […]

Sub-Caliber Sense

So you have a quality centerfire handgun for personal defense. Should you have a .22-caliber version as well?