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Pedigreed Defensive Precision

[…] founders of modern gun companies likely have the name Carl Walther burned into our collection of neurons dedicated to firearm […]

New Products Sept/Oct 2017 Issue

[…] 9mm Conversion Barrel Jarvis Switch the barrel of your Walther PPQ or P99 in .40 S&W with the Jarvis […]

DA Semi-Autos

It’s been 90 years since Walther made what’s generally considered the first commercially successful DA semi-auto pistol, the model PP. […]

When “9mm” Isn’t 9mm

[…] perplexed to find 9mm cartridges wouldn’t fit in his .380 Walther PPK/s, Handgunner reader Jack Walsh sent a note suggesting […]

Catching Up With Goodies

[…] HK, Springfield XD’s, a S&W Shield, Rugers, a Taurus, a Walther or two, and it worked just fine on everything. […]