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Yes… Even You Can Do It!

[…] while others, like many of the OTDefense tips, are de signed to be used 90 degrees from the part being […]

Making Better — Even Better

[…] with Inceptor 65-gr. ARX +P, Federal Hydra-Shok 135-gr. “Deep” and SIG SAUER 124-gr. JHP V-Crown ammo. I settled in at […]

The SCCY CPX-3.380

[…] materials, the fitting is precise and they have the de sign genius of Joe Roebuck. This brings us to their […]

How Accurate Is ‘Accurate’

[…] methods making parts to consistent, close tolerances. Another is better sights and often better triggers. Sights on the Browning Hi […]

Galco StukOn-U Pocket Holster

[…] models of sub-compact pistols, including the GLOCK G42, Ruger LCPII, SIG SAUER P365, new Springfield Armory Hellcat and others. For […]

Galco Fits For GLOCK 43X/48

[…] scrutinizing eyes. The Galco Paragon is available for popular CZ-USA, GLOCK, Smith & Wesson and SIG SAUER models; MSRP is $79.

Looking Like A Million Bucks

[…] up to the breakpoint, do a quick recheck of your sight alignment, then touch the round off. During live fire, […]

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