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One of my clients wanted just that. He loves his SIG P226 and P239 both in .40 caliber. After shooting […]

What Do We Carry?

[…] current. This past year, primaries have included Wilson/Beretta 92 Compact, SIG P320 and P229R Legion, HK P30SK, Glock’s in various […]

Cutlery Showcase 2018

[…] our proprietary G10. They’re non-metallic and don’t throw a metal signature should that unexpected metal detector wand come out. These […]

Walther’s Q4 SF

[…] nodded appreciatively at the larger and brighter than typical night sights. He could only think of one word to describe […]

I Carry, You Carry

[…] benefits. I’m talking about being physically larger. More hand-filling. Longer sight radius. Better gun-to-hand contact. More weight to aid recoil […]

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