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Recoil And Discomfort

[…] .380, which was the lightest-recoiling .380 I ever tried. The SIG 238, which is currently available, uses a locked breech […]

The Current Rise Of The 9mm

[…] turning into a tsunami. We’ve seen departments switching from .357 SIG to 9mm, and from .40 S&W to 9mm, with […]

Ruger’s Brawny Beasts!

[…] length will make for a handy packing pistol. The rear sight is fully adjustable with a white outline blade and […]

It’s Hammer Time

[…] The retro element was certainly part of it. Beretta and SIG have seen a renaissance of interest in their traditional […]

New Products Jan/Feb 2019 Issue

[…] .45/10mm, GLOCK 42, S&W M&P service series, S&W Shield and SIG SAUER P938. It was originally introduced to fit 1911’s and […]

Spotlight New Gear

[…] hybrid grip module that allows the user to utilize their SIG SAUER P320 Slides and Fire control units, but with […]

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